Declaration / Disclaimer
Read the following carefully before admitting any addict/alcoholic:

1 .This is rehabilitation centre for addict/alcoholics. This is Neither a Nursing Home nor a Hospital nor a Lunatic Asylum.

2. We are NOT equipped to deal with critical physical problem or psychiatric disorder. In such cases, please DO NOT ADMIT the addict/alcoholic here.

3. We have general physicians visiting regularly to check up the general health of addict/alcoholic we DO NOT HAVE any Residential Doctor. For serious illness we have to send the person concerned to the nearest hospital.

4. Please declare the actual physical and mental state of the addict/alcoholic before admission CONCEALING the facts may HARM him.

5. We follow a rehabilitation procedure based mainly on counselling, therapies, group- sessions, yoga and meditation, NON MEDICINAL TREATMENT.

6. We are non-profitable, non-governmental organisation, seeking your patronage. We do not receive any aid from local or foreign, government or non-government, office/organisation. We are fully dependent on money given to us by you as DONATION.

7. Family members of addict/alcoholic needing rehabilitation but financially not sound enough to donate, may also appeal to us in writing so that we may arrange for their rehabilitation for free.

8. Addict/alcoholic will follow a daily schedule comprising of 8 sessions along with normal break period for taking food, bath, personal hygiene, rest, recreational activities (i.e. watching T.V., listening to music, playing indoor games etc.)- sleeping arrangement is 9 hours at night.

9. Food provided: rice, dal, vegetable (daily), chicken (twice a week), fish (twice a week) and egg (twice a week) - except on medical ground (e.g. roti for diabetic patient etc.). NO special food is allowed for any individual addict/alcoholic.

10. Sleeping arrangement: mattress, bed sheet, pillow etc. are provided by us to make their own bed on the floor.
We request you to read all the notices and declarations displayed in our office before admitting anybody to Life Foundation. If we find any of the above mentioned information unacceptable to you, we request you to NOT TO ADMIT THE CLIENT HERE.
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