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Many websites are there to give information about the nature of Addiction & Alcoholism but this site primarily concerns itself with the nature of Recovery from the disease named Addiction/ Alcoholism. As an organization we fundamentally focus on recovery that is why we have the highest recovery rate i.e. highest rate of clean out from active addiction (please refer to the page “Success Stories”). If you or your loved ones suffer from Addiction/ Alcoholism, please give yourself a break and go through our website.

An Addict/ Alcoholic who do not want to stop using will not stop using. They can be analyzed, reasoned with, prayed over, threatened, beaten up, locked up, medicated; but they will not stop using until they "realize - why to stop".

The purpose of our rehabilitation process is to help one "realize - why to stop" and make him learn the art of staying stopped. This realization is an inside job. Only after this realization they will attain a profound personality change i.e. an active change in ideas & attitude. This very change will not only be reflected on their lifestyle and behavior but also in all spheres of their life.

The target of our rehabilitation process is to make the Addict/ Alcoholic acceptable, productive and responsible members of the society.

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