Details of Rehabilitation


06:45AM to 7:45AM SELF-CLEANING (Brushing, toilet, etc.)
07:45AM to 8:15AM  MEDITATION (Religious practice not permitted)
08:15AM to 9:00AM BREAKFAST
09:00AM to 9:30AM HOUSE CLEANING by inmates as a part of therapy (people with difficulties excluded)
09:30AM to 10:30AM FREE TIME (Music, Reading newspaper, etc.)
10:30AM to 11:30AM READING SESSION (Collection of personal stories of recovering Addicts/Alcoholics from all over the world.)
11:30AM to 11:45AM BREAK
11:45AM to 12:45PM INPUT SESSION (Detailed information on Addiction/Alcoholism and Recovery)
12:45PM to 1:30PM BATHING and WASHING personal clothes
1:30PM to 2:15PM LUNCH (in the terrace during winter)
02:15PM to 3:15PM ASSIGNMENT (Writing answers of definite questions on life of oneself and his Addiction related history)
03:15PM to 04:00PM REST
04:00PM to 04:30PM BLACK TEA
04:30PM to 5:30PM GROUP DISCUSSION on the answers written in the previous session
05:30PM to 07:15PM LEISURE TIME at terrace if weather permits (Playing carom, chess, listening to music, watching T.V., Light exercise, reading newspaper, having tea and snacks, evening bath.)
08:30PM to 08:45PM BREAK
08:45PM to 09:30PM DAILY INVENTORY writing and analysis of that inventory also
09:30PM to 10:30PM DINNER (in the terrace during summer)
10:30PM to 11:00PM BED MAKING

1. Sundays—Only 2 sessions—Meditation and Meeting
 2. Leisure Time shifts to post lunch time slot during winter (Nov to Feb)
3. Schedule is altered during special sports event like World Cup etc. that inmates can watch it on T.V.
4. YOGA (1hr.) thrice a week

DURATION of the rehabilitation process is 5/6 months on an average and it might take up to 12 months in certain cases. People with Drug/Alcohol induced psychiatric disorder who need psychiatric medication might require even longer. To your astonishment, on an average an alcoholic needs more time than a drug addict and the more detoriated state of a person; more are his chances to recover.

      The eight stages of a successful rehabilitation process are mentioned below:

  • Detoxification: Absolute bed rest and management of withdrawal syndrome under the supervision of Doctors.
  • Taming : Getting inmate acquainted to his peers, life style of therapeutic community and discipline.
  • Compulsive Behavior, Unmanageability, Crisis etc. from his own life.
  • Motivating : Explaining the gain and positive aspects of drug free life by counselors, based on his (counselor’s) own experience through subjective sharing.
  • Learning : Different aspects of Addiction/Alcoholism and Recovery are explained through various sessions (eight sessions per day).
  • Practicing : An inmate learns the practical implementation of the theories that he is learning through the sessions and counseling, in his life on a day to day basis.
  • Partial Freedom : An inmate gets exposed to the main stream of society as he is sent for marketing, 12 step Meetings, occasional visit to his home. During this phase he finds loopholes in his learning and practices.
  • Touch up : An inmate shares those loopholes with his counselor, who guides him to a solution.

NOTE: Disciplined Life, Prayer, Meditation, Self Help, Physical Activity, Recreation & Relaxation are a must during all stages of rehabilitation process (except Detoxification period).
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