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A common opinion of many family members of Addicts/ Alcoholics is that the Addict/ Alcoholic can easily quit/ stop using Drugs/ Alcohol with their sheer will power only. They are correct according to their own experiences and knowledge. But, the reality of an Addict/ Alcoholic differs a lot. They suffer from a progressive and fatal disease named ‘Addiction’. This disease is referred as “The Second Most Killer Disease” in the world. The world wide combined success rate of different procedures to treat an Addict/ Alcoholic is only 2% (approx.). Just to make you understand the gravity of the problem we feel the need to mention that an Addict’s/ Alcoholic’s compulsion for chemicals is 300 times stronger and overpowering than his/ her will power (Source: Dennis Daley, 2007 publishing of Hazelden). That is why it is not that “he does not stop”; actually “he is unable to stop”.
By now you might feel worried, anxious, tensed, hopeless, upset, frightened or even scared. Relax, because the procedure that we follow is the most successful one across the world, internationally referred as “The 12 Steps” with a success rate of 47% at its pinnacle. A proper rehabilitation- following “The 12 Steps” helps one to identify the problems, the root of the problems and also to learn the solutions.

If you are not acquainted to this world of Addicts/Alcoholic and related rehabilitations, you might be confused about which organization to select. Of course you will hope for the best results. The points noted below will hopefully guide you to make the correct decision.

  • We have the highest recovery rate i.e. highest rate of clean out from active addiction (please refer to the page “Success Stories”).
  • The best on floor rehabilitation infrastructure (please refer to “The Infrastructure” of page “About the Organization”).
  • The best team. The measuring parameter of a counselor in this field is not the degree one carries but the experience he has earned. The man who is second most experienced in the entire West Bengal is a counselor with us and the remaining team is also miles ahead in efficiency from most of the organizations of our kind (please refer to “The Winning team” of page “About the Organization”).
  • The procedure that we follow is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Indian Medical Association (IMA).
  • Proper and correct implementation of that recommended procedure (please refer to the page “The Details of Rehabilitation”).
  • We do not negotiate with the procedure and the principles required for successful implementation of the procedure at any cost. We do not compromise where quality is concerned.
  • Introduction to Self Help Meetings during the last phase of rehabilitation (please refer to “Stages of Rehabilitation Process” in the page “The Details of Rehabilitation”).
  • Love and care is the free flowing bondage that keeps all inmates close to their counselors & peer motivators.
  • Proper and methodical post discharge follow up.
  • All time support of any kind during unstable initial post discharge phase.
  • Arranging post discharge vocational training for unemployed recovering Addicts/Alcoholics with the help of UNESCO and other organizations of that kind.

To conclude, we must mention that most of our ex-clients who are in recovery refer Life Foundation as their second home.

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